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Delinquent garage rockers with a penchant for all things loud and fuzzy and a drive to provide what they feel the world needs more of nowadays - pure rock n roll in its most primitive and scuzzy glory. 

Originally from the distant and ever-exotic land of Lawrence, Kansas, the Mudd Club now find themselves based in Machynlleth, Wales.

The band lineup features Sadie Morningstar who is responsible for dishing out gritty sass-filled vocals and searing guitar licks so hot and trashy it’ll rip ya to shreds.

Julian West thunders away and bashes out the most primitive and energetic beats to ever grace your ears (or deafen them at least,) while Joe Trudgeon propels the whole lot along with impressive yet solid bass lines, while looking like he’s just time traveled from the 1930s. (Yes, he’s in the band. No, he’s not a lost jazzer who accidentally ended up at a punk show.) 

Occasionally the Mudd Club’s Bristol line up includes fabulous drummer Steve Frye who brings a different but equally-as-thumping angle to the band with his drumming and certain indie charm. 

The Mudd Club are always ready and willing to rock n roll all night with their trashily glamorous action-filled sludge of sonic voodoo and hope to see ya at a gig later this year. ee ya at some gigs later in the year!

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